Locum Tenens Clinical Services Staffing

Locum Tenens Clinical Services Staffing

Staffing Your Healthcare Organization With Clinical Services Locums

澳门新葡萄app下载与一个详尽的网络建立了联系,这个网络由来自全国各地的数千名有才华的临床服务专家组成,他们专门研究过敏, dermatology, endocrinology, forensic pathology, gastroenterology, 还有更多的人与我们一起寻找临时实习生,填补全国各地医疗机构的短期和长期工作空缺.

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Barton Makes the Clinical Services Staffing Process Easy

随着医生短缺的加剧,预计将达到77人,100 doctors by 2034, and employment skyrockets by an estimated 40% for CRNAs and NPs, and by about 28% for PAs through 2031, 今天的医疗专业人员在临床服务专业工作的需求正在经历快速增长. 配备本地临床服务专家是填补您的医疗机构即将出现的覆盖空白的主动解决方案.

澳门新葡萄app下载的专业招聘人员匹配了数百名顶级临床服务医生, certified registered nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, 和医师助理每个月在全国范围内各种各样的医疗机构. Our abundant pool of over 69.000名本地临床服务专业人员使我们能够在全国范围内通过合格的临床服务提供者快速有效地满足您独特的人员配置需求.

我们经验丰富的招聘人员与我们的临床服务中心建立的联系包括医学博士, DOs, CRNAs, NPs and PAs who specialize in a wide variety of fields, 澳门新葡萄app下载团队每天都在努力建立我们的熟练临床服务专家数据库,这样我们就可以确保我们的客户在他们的设施中有空缺, that we have them covered!


What Clinical Services Specialties Does Barton Staff?





Forensic Pathology

Foot and Ankle Orthopedics



Hospice/Palliative Medicine

Infectious Disease

Interventional Pain Management



Nuclear Medicine

Pain Management







Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine Orthopedics


Wound Care

Why Choose Barton for Your Clinical Services Staffing Needs?


Leading the industry at the forefront of locum tenens staffing, 澳门新葡萄app下载拥有全国性的足迹,这使我们有能力为美国各地的客户提供服务.S. timezone with first-rate support from every angle. When you work with Barton Associates, you will receive specialized 1 on 1 support from your account manager, 谁将作为您的唯一联系人,致力于在所有50个州中识别最佳候选人,以无缝地满足您独特的临床服务人员需求.

我们已经建立了一个300多人的招聘团队,他们努力与全国顶尖的临床服务机构建立牢固的联系, 确保收集到每一条必要的信息,让你从寻找候选人的过程中解脱出来, and to complete thorough reference checks for every provider. 我们的经验风险团队致力于对每一位通过我们系统的候选人进行全面的背景调查,以确保他们是全面的, and properly vetted before being placed on assignment.

Meanwhile, Barton的内部许可和认证专家简化了入职流程,因为他们处理了所有大量的文书工作,以确保无缝的入职流程, 我们的差旅团队会协调客户的旅行和住宿的所有细节,以便让他们尽可能快速有效地在您的医疗机构工作.

We grow the list of contacts within our client base every day, and since 2001, 澳门新葡萄app下载的临时诊所临床服务专业人员已经成功地在各种实践环境中获得了广泛的机会,包括:

  • Regional Medical Centers
  • University Hospitals / Teaching Facilities
  • Specialty Hospitals
  • Long-Term Acute Care Centers
  • Medical Centers / Hospitals
  • Community Health Centers
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Indian Health Centers
  • Urgent Care Clinics
  • On-site Health Clinics
  • Private Practice
  • Occupational Medicine Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospice
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Home Health
  • Telemedicine
  • Colleges and Universities

The Many Advantages of Staffing With Clinical Services Locums


When hiring a permanent clinical services specialist, 设施被迫支付该提供者工资之外的额外费用, including but not limited to, benefits, signing bonuses, health insurance, and relocation fees. However, 雇用本地青少年服务提供者可以为您的医疗保健组织节省高达300美元的费用,000 in expenses depending on your facility’s location!

全职临床服务专业人员的招聘过程也比临时提供者要长得多, which means that as you search for a permanent candidate, your facility loses money due to gaps in patient care, low employee morale, interrupted workflow, as well as cost of lost referrals. 有了临时工,你们工厂只需要担心工资问题,其他的都由我们来处理!

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When you work with Barton, you’ll get specialized, 1 on 1 support from your dedicated account manager, who takes care of finding the right candidates, reviewing CVs, conducting initial interviews, 仔细检查推荐信,以便尽快有效地填补空缺. Our providers are available to fill needs for just about any position, 并且可以在24小时内完成从几天到任何地方的任务, to six months or longer.


From securing the perfect candidate, to credentialing and travel-related issues, our extensive operations team handles the entire locum tenens staffing process for you, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.


你所要做的就是查看这些选项,选择最适合你的——我们会处理医疗事故保险, licensing, credentialing, travel, and housing, helping to get your new locums to work as quickly as possible. It’s all facilitated by your personally assigned account manager, who will work with you every step of the way.


我们熟练的招聘人员与全国数以千计的当地医疗专业人员建立了牢固的联系,以确保我们的客户能够找到最有经验的医疗专业人员, qualified candidates needed to staff their facilities with ease. 立即与我们联系,开始与我们经验丰富的客户经理之一的人员配置!



Trustpilot Logo Excellent Rating 5 Stars

Brett C., Manager of Physician Recruitment  — The candidates I receive are invariably well-screened and informed.

Connie, Medical Staffing Coordinator — 我喜欢和你一起工作,希望我们能继续我们的工作关系.

Libby W., Manager of Medical Staff Services — Without a doubt, 我强烈推荐Barton Associates给我在医务人员服务领域的同事.

Scott S., Locum Tenens Client — Barton is on my short list to call when our group has a locums need.

    Staffing Clinical Services Locum Tenens

  • 与临床服务中介招聘机构合作有什么好处?

    • 当地的招聘机构为您的工厂处理所有繁重的人员配置工作. When you work with us, 您将获得一个联系人,他将帮助您协调您即将到来的临床服务专家的许可和资格认证以及旅行住宿. 我们庞大的招聘人员和客户经理团队也一直在努力寻找满足您需求的供应商.

  • What if I need to staff multiple clinical services locums?

    • No problem! Whether you have one, two, or 10 openings, 我们可以帮助您找到优质的本地青少年供应商来临时填补这些空缺.

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